When selecting a designer and or builder philosophy is everything.

Most registered builders can build a good house that is water tight with functioning appliances and all the required features.

What is more, the price and quality will generally vary little from builder to builder, and where they do vary it will remind you that you only get what you pay for.

The challenge is finding a builder that builds for you and not just a trophy.

The philosophy of the builder is everything because it determines the approach the designer will take in interpreting your vision, your likes and your needs and the approach the builder will take in bringing your future to life.

A designer should design and a builder should build YOUR house – not one that suits their design tastes, or business needs.

No matter the size, style, features or budget of your home it should be a retreat – your retreat, your place to be yourself, where your family can live in harmony, extracting full value from every single moment.

The building experience can be difficult. Very often designers, builders and their clients have very different expectations. All too often the standard of communication is less than it should be, despite the large amount of money you are spending.

The Zen philosophy involves placing the highest priority on the experience and on maintaining a harmonious working relationship.

For ZEN LIVING a great home is one that creates a lifelong friendship between our directors and you, the home owner.