Experienced Custom Home Builders

It is all too easy for designers and builders to talk about themselves and what they can do. We prefer to let our houses ‘speak for themselves’. Would you like to see some?

Most builder website wax lyrical about the standard of service they offer. We would prefer our clients to speak for themselves. Would you like to meet some?

Our clients vary a lot in terms of age, occupation, marital status, budget, location and indeed most other demographic variables.

Our clients vary much less in terms of having a demanding eye for detail, a shortage of time, a need for excellent communication and a very real desire to build a home that is a retreat – a place where they can be themselves, live in harmony and extract full value from every moment of their lives.

Our clients tend to be people who have realised that life is too short for unrealistic expectations, missed deadlines and a home that is NEARLY what they wanted.

Responding to this we place the highest priority on listening, communicating, setting realistic expectations and exceeding those expectations. Near enough is never good enough.

We know that life is too short to pay out a great deal of money and not get what you want when you were told you would get it.