3 kitchen trends to consider in your custom home

Jun 30, 2021

Designing, building and finally moving into your very own custom-built home is very, very exciting.

It’s where you finally get to see, experience and live in all of your very own design dreams.

For now, let’s start at the very beginning, where your home is designed and let’s focus on the kitchen.

The kitchen is where hearty, exquisite meals are lovingly prepared, conversations and laughter is often shared, too. So, it’s important to design and build a kitchen to be proud of, year after year.

Want to explore 3 kitchen trends worth considering in the design and construction of your very own custom home?

Read more from the Perth luxury home builders at Zen Living to find out.

Marble inspired benchtops

Marble has been utilised century upon century as the epitome of sophisticated, European style and elegance. In Australia, real marble benchtops are few and far between because, despite their look, they’re susceptible to stains, spillage and of course, are very pricey.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to forego the marble look completely.

Caesarstone has a beautiful range of classical marble inspired designs.

Why you will love the Caesarstone marble inspired range:

  • Virtually non-porous
  • Doesn’t requires sealing
  • Incredibly scratch and stain resistant.

Create a luxury and customised feel to your brand-new kitchen with the beauty of marble inspired benchtops.

  • Long island benchtops

For many years now, kitchens have been recognised as a hub of activity, connection and conversation. After all, this is why open plan living is so popular in modern homes.

A welcomed kitchen trend that recognises the importance of the kitchen is long island benchtops.

Why choose a long island benchtop?

  • Incredible amounts of space and room for gathering around and chatting in or near the kitchen (without ever getting in anyone’s way!)
  • Food preparation for those birthday parties, family get-togethers and catching up with friends
  • Plenty of room for the kids to do their homework and yourself to keep up to date with work emails, errand organising and so much more.
  • Finally, there’s countless clever and storage options available to you when choosing a long island benchtop.

Explore more about subtle storage as a kitchen trend below.

  • Subtle storage

Our beautiful homes just wouldn’t stay as beautiful if it weren’t for storage. Storage is a welcomed, necessary but often overlooked addition to new homes and home renovations.

Naturally throughout the home, and definitely in the kitchen, subtle storage solutions are a must.

Why add more storage?

  • For hideaway spots for kitchen utensils, crockery, seasonal kitchen items and appliances (everything from the toaster, sandwich press, air fryer to pie maker).

Where to put kitchen storage?

  • Cabinetry all around from above the cooktops, above and to the side of the fridge, to the walk-in pantry and so many other places.

Subtle cabinets, drawers and shelves are essential to seamless simplicity in a custom, luxury home.

Trust in custom home builders to make it happen

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