3 Reasons to Choose a Custom Builder for Your Luxury Home Design

Jan 15, 2021

Everybody deserves to be proud of their home. After all, there’s no place like home, right?

This is so much easier when you thoughtfully design and build a home yourself.

With all the home builders available on the market though, how do you know you’re choosing the right one who will truly make your house, a home?

Sure, some home building companies can talk the talk, but can they really walk the walk?

What are the reasons to choose a custom builder for a luxurious home design?

Read more from the experts in custom homes and luxury design at Zen Living to find out.

1. The differences between home builders

There are home builder companies that everybody knows, and then there are custom home builders. We’re not discrediting the work of the popular home builders, but the high-volume, stock standard approach and house and land packages isn’t for everyone.

After all, why would you want to build the same house that many already have, when you can build a home that’s as unique as you and your needs?

Examining the difference:

  • Many popular, well-known home builders are mass-produced, lack personalisation and are limited to housing estates.
  • However, choosing a custom home builder encourages personalisation, design flavour and every careful thought and consideration is given into what you want and need in your home.

Custom builds turn a vision into a reality

It all starts with a vision of what you want your new home to be. Perhaps you want a three bed, two bathrooms design with a theatre, or a four-bedroom, two bathrooms with a study, a welcoming kitchen, a light-filled entertainers space, or something else.

A custom home builder:

Takes the time to get to know what you want and need from a home,

Harnesses clever design so you can extract value and pleasure in every moment and every space in your home, and

Will build for you and what you want, not us and what we want.

When you choose to build with a custom builder with a focus on luxury home design, the possibilities are endless. When you choose Zen Living as your custom, luxury home builders in Perth, you’re turning your vision into a reality.

Custom luxury adds value easily

A unique, expertly design and constructed home will only increase in value over time.

We are learning more and more to value the homes which shelter and protect us, where moments are made, and some of life’s greatest pleasures are indulged.

Not only will you be constantly appreciative of choosing a custom, luxury home design once moved in, but you’ll also be grateful you did if you do decide to sell in the future.


People are willing to pay for a beautiful home, where everything makes sense and space is maximised. So, you shouldn’t be afraid to pay a little more for a thoughtfully designed, carefully constructed, luxury abode now.

Are you ready to build something beautiful? Zen Living are ready to turn your custom home vision into a breathtaking reality.

Want a custom home design with luxury at the forefront?

Contact Zen Living in Perth today to discover how real thought, real experience and real care will go into designing and building your home.