Choosing a Luxury Home Designer

Jan 26, 2021

Anybody who chooses customluxury home design understands the difference between a house and a home.  

It’s a place you’re proud of, a place to truly live in and enjoy, relax and entertain, where every space, nook, cranny and corner makes sense. Where functionality and beauty intertwine. 

If you understand this, and are thinking of building with a custom, luxury home designer in Perth, there’s some things you need to ask yourself first. From there, it’s all smooth sailing. 

So, what are the questions to ask yourself before choosing to build a custom, luxury home? 

Read more from the luxury home designers in Perth, Zen Living to find out. 

1. How many people will live, or may live in your home in the future? 

Before you expertly and strategically design your home with your custom home builder – understand or try and predict how many people will be living with you. 

For example: 

  • Will it be just you, or you and your significant other? 
  • Do you already have children, or envisage the pitter patter of little feet in your future? 
  • Do you need to plan for existing or future intergenerational living? 
  • Do you need dedicated spaces to host guests and extended family? 

Perhaps you will need a custom, luxury home that entertains one or a combination of the above factors. This could ultimately decide if you need a 3×2, 4×2, 5×3 and so on. 


 2. Do you have any preferences and priorities? 

What’s important to some isn’t important to others in building a home. This will often boil down to who will be living in your home. It’s wise to rank your preferences and priorities for your new home. 

Let’s explore some below: 

  • Budget 
  • Capacity to accommodate extended and/or future family members 
  • Elegance and opulence 
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Home office 
  • Location 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Media room 
  • Multiple living areas 
  • Return of investment 

Know what’s important to you and potential other decision makers in the event of compromise or absolute must-have’s. Don’t worry, working with a custom, luxury home designer in Perth means you don’t have to compromise on much, if anything. 

 3.Are there any ‘must-have’ building materials? 

Some clients have a preference in construction materials. And that’s okay, because we encourage collaboration. After all, a custom, luxury home builder exists to bring your vision to life. 

Here’s what we can and have worked with: 

  • Brick, 
  • Stone and timber finishes, 
  • Polished plaster, 
  • Jarrah timber flooring, and more. 

Overwhelmed with options? Don’t worry, your custom home builder at Zen Living can advise and inspire, helping you choose the right materials. 

 4.Will the kitchen the show-stopping aspect of the home? 

A kitchen makes many a house, a home. Is the quality, functionality and look of your soon-to-be kitchen important to you?  

If yes, Zen Living can turn your kitchen dreams into reality.  

If not, what do you want the focal point of your custom, luxury home to be? 


Zen Living are proudly committed to designing and constructing quality, custom and luxury homes throughout Perth. 

If you have the questions and the visions, we have the answers, methods and experience to turn them into reality, and into your brand-new custom, luxury home. 


Ready for your own custom, luxury home design? Contact Zen Living today to get started.