What to Consider When Building Your Dream Home

May 17, 2021

Realising the desire to build the home of your dreams is an exciting one. It’s when you put the wheels in motion to design, build and live in a home that is uniquely and wholeheartedly yours.

However, it’s not something that you should just take a leap of faith with and choose any old home design company in Perth to make it happen.

Do your research first and know what to consider.

Interested in finding out what to consider when building your dream home? Read more from the Perth custom and luxury home designers at Zen Living to find out.

Find out what you really want

We can hazard a guess that a stock-standard, cookie-cutter home is not what you want – not at all, not in the slightest. So, it’s time to narrow in on what you really want and what’s important in the design of your new home.

In a broad sense, your home should be:

  • Intentional in design
  • Carefully planned and constructed
  • Purposefully and harmoniously suit the needs and wants, now and in the future of you and your family.

This could be having a four-bedroom, two-bathroom house on a narrow block, a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home with an impressive outdoor entertaining area. A home with a theatre and/or study and a floorplan that effortlessly flows. A combination of the above must-haves or other choice of your own may be on your necessities list.

Remember your budget

You have an idea that’s been pulling and tugging at your brain and heartstrings for months, if not years. That thought is designing, building and living in a custom luxury home in Perth.

However, before you really start planning, sit down and devise your budget.

A rough guestimate simply is not enough. Be specific and be realistic. Building costs can be hard to understand, especially if this is your first time building with a Perth custom home builder.

Remember though, we’re here to help you interpret and understand the costs and provide options tailored to your budget.

Choose Perth custom home designers who communicate with you

Communication makes the world go round. This is definitely true when it comes to big life decisions like designing and building your very own custom luxury home in Perth.

So, choose a design and building company that communicates efficiently, every step of the way – like Zen Living.

Why people choose Zen Living is pretty simple – we build for you, not us.

This means we encourage:

  • Feedback and questions
  • Thoughts and the possibility of design changes
  • The desire to build not just your dream home, but an established, professional relationship.

Building a new, custom and luxury home in Perth can be a daunting experience, but it truly doesn’t have to be. Zen Living are here to help you from start to finish, brick by brick, all the way to the day where you move into your custom built, luxury home.

Need a custom home designer in Perth?

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