5 Reasons to Knockdown and Rebuild

Feb 16, 2021

Choosing to knockdown and rebuild is becoming an increasingly popular choice in Perth – for good reason too. Why give up your favourite suburb or worry about the hassle that comes with relocation, when you can just knockdown? At Zen Living, we have worked on several knockdown rebuilds in our time.

If you are ready for change and are unsure of what to do – here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider a knockdown and rebuild.


#1 This can be a cost-effective option

Knocking down an old home and then rebuilding a brand new home can cost you less per square metre. When you work with an experienced custom home builder, knockdowns can prove more financially viable than purchasing a modern established home or even extending or renovating.

The bonus? You can choose all the design elements like a renovation– minus the hassle.


#2 Don’t leave the neighborhood you know and love

Do you love your neighbours but are keen to change your home? Then knocking down is perfect for you. The best thing about a knockdown and subsequent rebuild is that you get to continue residing in your community. Convenience and familiarity are two things you can enjoy with this building solution. Whether you are a parent in proximity to your kid’s school or you simply love your discrete and quiet street – staying where you are can equate to less stress and a sense of happiness that you might miss out on if you move suburbs.


#3 The process can be less stressful

With a brand new knockdown and rebuild, you can achieve all your goals, hopes and dreams for a new home in one go. This is your unique chance to create a perfect modern kitchen, generously proportioned rooms and incorporate incredibly contemporary design elements. When you customise a home to your lifestyle and unique needs from the ground up, this can be a less stressful process.


#4 The creative brush is all yours

With time, your home may no longer match your lifestyle needs. Or perhaps you find that your house feels a little outdated. This is where a knockdown and rebuild can be perfect!

When you knockdown and rebuild, you are the author of your home. With the creative brush in hand, you have full freedom to redesign and redecorate to your vision. Now is your time to design a bespoke home that takes advantage of modern floorplans and technologies.


#5 Time efficient

It is hard to predict how long it’s going to take to renovate or extend a house. When you choose to completely knockdown and rebuild, you will have a more solid idea of a timeframe of when the work will be completed. This gets you back in your home as quick as possible, and causes minimal disruption to your family’s lifestyle.

To find out more about a knockdown and rebuild, be sure to get in touch with us today. Alternatively, you can view our portfolio to get a better understanding of our work.