Budget, Timeframe and Quality Expectations of a Custom Home

Jun 21, 2021

All good things take time. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

When you decide to build a custom luxury home, you need to be aware of including a higher budget, a potentially longer timeframe, but far more exceptional quality than a regular home.

Read more from the custom luxury home designers at Zen Living on balancing the expectations of budgets, timeframes and quality when it comes to your new home build.

Budget expectations

High quality service and building materials aren’t cheap, however, your home will be just that – high quality. We all know and appreciate that ‘high quality’ entails a home that’s built to last, and a home that won’t fall apart around you within mere years or even months.

However, don’t let your budget stop you from considering a luxury, custom home.

Be transparent with your custom home builder and we’ll do the same back.

All of the subsequent decisions going forward will ensure your budget is in mind.

Timeframe expectations

After your budget considerations, it’s time to think of your timeframe. If you require a tight timeframe, then it’s crucial to communicate this with your Perth custom home builder.

If you don’t have required (or desired) time constraints, then you will ultimately enjoy more freedom and flexibility.

Also, don’t forget to request an envisioned timeframe from your custom home builder.


  • To ensure a handover date has been planned is on track to go ahead,
  • If your home builder can’t provide a timeframe for you, consider it a red flag.

At Zen Living, we’re committed to communication of deadlines, possible delays and progress updates.

Quality expectations

Budget and timeframes aside, it’s quality that truly matters at the end of the day.

Quality is a buzzword to many home builders but rest assured that Zen Living take quality very seriously in the planning and building of your custom, luxury home.

After all, it’s you who will be moving in on handover, you who will smile at glee at every carefully considered design feature and inclusion and you who will be proud of your very own custom Perth home for many years to come.

Where quality and timeframes intertwine:

  • It takes longer to deliver a higher standard of work when building a home, so
  • While your friend’s may move into their new home sooner, it’s yours that they will envy upon completion.

Exceed your expectations by choosing Zen Living for your custom home.

Why Zen Living?

Why exactly should you trust in Zen Living to build your custom luxury home?

Here’s why:

  • We build for you, not for us.
  • Regardless of size, style, the features or your budget – your home should be valued as a harmonious retreat where you can extract value out of each and every moment in it.
  • We place our highest priority on the experience – because we know the building experience can be hard, but it doesn’t ever have to be.

Zen Living will endeavour to put your budget and timeframe at the forefront, without ever compromising on the quality of your home.

Ready to build the custom home of your dreams?

Contact Zen Living today and let us turn your dreams into reality.