Future Proofing Your Home Design

Sep 4, 2023

Future Proofing Your Home

Embarking on the journey of creating your custom home is an exhilarating experience. The realisation that a property is being crafted exclusively for you is a feeling like no other. At Zen Living, we firmly believe that the distinction between constructing a house and creating your dream home lies in meticulous design and strategic planning.

Our many years of expertise in custom home design have equipped us with insights that you can leverage when envisioning a home that stands the test of time.

Prioritise Location

While it might sound cliché, the adage “Location, Location, Location” remains irrefutably accurate. Selecting the optimal location to build your home should be the foremost consideration, even before delving into other aspects. The perfect plot on the right street, with the appropriate topography and orientation, is the foundation of a successful project. Our comprehensive guide addresses the critical factors to bear in mind.

Based on your lifestyle preferences, you might prioritise proximity to vibrant dining spots over access to quality schools. Likewise, if you have active children engrossed in sports, a nearby expansive park might take precedence. This becomes even more pivotal if you’re a dog owner seeking ample exercise space. Thoroughly researching an area aligned with your needs before finalising the location is paramount. Indeed, the value of a property is intertwined with your life values.

Once the ideal location is secured, you can seamlessly proceed to the design phase.

Longevity and Quality – Elevating Your Home’s Endurance

With our extensive experience as quality custom home builders, your satisfaction is our foremost concern. Opt for enduring materials that not only withstand the test of time but also mature gracefully. Quality flooring—be it timber or concrete—is indispensable, considering the extensive use it will endure.

Similarly, the kitchen, a high-traffic area, warrants premium materials like real stone benchtops. These surfaces possess tactile authenticity and can gracefully conceal the inevitable marks of family life. The same principle applies to well-crafted cabinetry and joinery.

Embrace Future Technologies – Preparing Your Home for Tomorrow

As the world evolves, embracing change is vital. As trusted custom builders, we advocate forward thinking. Incorporate charging points for electric vehicles in your garage to stay ahead of the curve. Embracing sustainability early is prudent, as retrofitting in the future proves more expensive than incorporating it from the outset.

Harness the power of solar panels to both power your home and charge your electric vehicle, saving substantially and capitalizing on government incentives.

Smart home automation is an enduring trend. Imagine a home that learns your routine, such as a coffee machine brewing as you wake or a shower warming the floor as you step out of bed. Our bespoke custom designs embody luxury living at its finest.

Personalising the Finishing Touches – Turning a House into Your Haven

Thoughtful consideration of fixtures and finishes is pivotal in elevating your custom home. While an investment, these details imbue a unique character. Remember to plan ahead when sourcing furniture from well-known brands.

Artwork elevates spaces, converting your custom home into your sanctuary. If a specific piece resonates with you, let’s discuss how to showcase it optimally. Lighting placement can bring your artwork to life in ways you hadn’t imagined.

Crafting a home for the future is an art that Zen Living has perfected over the years. By prioritising location, employing strategic design, opting for quality materials, embracing technology, and personalising finishes, you’re crafting a home that thrives for generations to come.