Home designs that embrace the weather

Sep 22, 2021

Rain, hail and shine – just like Perth, our homes see it all as well.

It seems everybody wants a little bit of the outdoors, intertwined with their indoor living and there’s plenty of reasons why. Did you know that indoor/outdoor living expands your living space, enhances entertaining capabilities and even positively impacts mental health?

Want to discover home designs that will embrace the weather with indoor/outdoor living?

Read more from the Perth custom home builders, Zen Living, to learn more.

Allow for indoor/outdoor living

With a warm and temperate climate throughout most of the year, there’s no wonder clients and custom home builders in Perth are turning towards indoor/outdoor living.

There’s definite value to investing time and money into this feature, whether you’re building from scratch, renovating or extending your current home.

How to do this?

  • A great way to achieve indoor/outdoor living is bringing the outdoors in through the living areas with practical alfresco kitchens combining the two areas.

When designed and implemented correctly, you can enjoy outdoor living all year round.

Build an alfresco

To dine alfresco is to eat in the open air, and what a breath of fresh air (literally) an alfresco will add to your home.

Including a patio or alfresco area to your new home’s design or extension plans will create a truly sophisticated extension of your living and dining areas, indoors and outdoors.

An alfresco or patio checklist:

  • A roof
  • Lighting
  • Walls on two or more sides (optional)
  • An outdoor kitchen and/or barbeque (again, optional but well regarded)
  • Sturdy furnishings, that still provide the personalised touch of style.

You can both entertain and relax in the sizzling summer and the wet and windy winter with thoughtfully designed and expertly constructed alfresco living quarters.

Go big with glass windows and doors

Big glass windows and glass doors really are better for indoor/outdoor living success.

Not only will you be able to open up your doors and windows to maximise your entertaining and living spaces and let the summer breeze in, but in the dreariness of winter, gazing upon the outdoors may just lift your spirits.

Consider the following:

  • Bifold glass doors,
  • Stacking glass doors, and/or
  • Sliding glass doors.

Look from floor to ceiling when it comes to glass windows to effortlessly allow the gorgeous sunlight in, embracing the beauty of each and every season, year in and year out.

Zen Living specialise in custom home design and renovations

If you’re looking to build or even renovate your existing home, Zen Living have the expertise and creativity to assist. Our team of designers and builders provide bespoke services that will not only meet, but exceed your expectations of custom, luxury and well-built homes.

From single and double storey builds to bespoke additions, if it’s customised, detail-orientated luxury you desire in a home, Zen Living is the company you can count on.

Looking for a custom luxury home builder to bring your visions to life?

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