Should you build a single storey or double-storey home?

Jul 30, 2021

Building a new home can be a mixture of exciting and daunting.

When it comes to the occupants of your home, their needs and how you will use your home at handover and well into the future, you need to consider the all-important question:

Should you build a single storey or double storey home?

Want to determine once and for all if building a single storey or double storey home is right for you?

Continue reading from the Perth custom home builders at Zen Living to find out.

Why build a single storey home?

Single storey abodes are the most common and popular design for residential properties in Australia.

The arguments for single storey homes:

  • If you have yourself a large block of land, then a single storey home will suit your needs just perfectly because you can make great use of all of the available space.
  • It keeps everyone on the same level – which is great when there’s young children, elderly residents and occupants/visitors with mobility issues.
  • Great for the downsizer as open plan living and clever interior design will ensure you never feel closed in.

The arguments against single storey homes:

  • A single storey home isn’t the best option for smaller blocks if a spacious garden (complete with a pool and all the extras) is high on your priority list.
  • The bigger the land size, the bigger the price tag.
  • Most times, but not always, you can unlock greater privacy and additional rooms by adding a second storey to your dwelling.

Why build a double storey home?

Why build outwards when you can build upwards? That’s the driving point behind why many homeowners and builders choose to build a double storey home.

The arguments for double storey homes:

  • Works well for the family who require multiple living areas and versatility in space.
  • Down the line, you can decide to rent out the top floor and you reside in the second floor (or vice versa).
  • Separate living spaces are a highly attractive and sought-after factor for the many families opting for multi-generational living.
  • Great for blocks on the smaller size, and we all know how many of those are popping up around Perth. You don’t have to compromise on interior living space and outdoor garden space when you choose to build a multi-level home.

The arguments against double storey homes?

  • Not always a practical ideal for babies, toddlers, elderly residents and those with mobility issues.
  • You need to consider council regulations on roof and storey height and be mindful that some areas may not allow double storey or multi-level residential construction.

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