What to Consider in the Design of Your New Kitchen?

Apr 21, 2021

Preparing, cooking and enjoying meals makes up a large part of our day, and a large portion of our life. That’s why there’s definite truth to the belief that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

Did you know that we’re more active in the kitchen on a day to day basis than any other room in the home? This is why open plan living spaces are so loved, because it helps us feel more connected.

When you’re building a new, custom luxury home in Perth, flow and functionality in design is so important.

Want to know what you should consider in the design of your new kitchen?

Read more from the Perth custom home builders at Zen Living to find out.


The layout flow

Knowing how you will use your kitchen may sound simple, but it will provide more clarity than you would think.

Here’s how:

  • Do you want to take charge and whip up gastronomical delights for yourself and the family?
  • Perhaps, you’re more of a slow and social kitchen whizz who welcomes many in and around the kitchen at any given time.

Think of the kitchen triangle. It’s the space between stove, sink and fridge.

Consider the distance between these three points. Will it flow? Also, ask yourself if you want a kitchen island and how will that impact the space in your kitchen. Prioritise what’s most important to you.



Lighting is needed in the kitchen not only so you can see what you’re doing, but to help you stick to the luxury, custom style you want to create.

Think stylish pendants and dimmers.

Remember the three layers of lighting zones:

  1. General,
  2. Task, and
  3. Ambiance (aka decorative).


Shelving and storage

Do you want a walk-in pantry or one that fits seamlessly into the cabinetry you wish to install?

A great kitchen solution is adding plenty of storage, like closed-off cabinets, pull-out shelves and compartments.


Timeless fixtures and fittings

Whether you’re building a forever home for yourself or looking to make a profit in a few years’ time, think about how the fittings and fixtures will age.

When in doubt, always go for timeless styles for flooring, cabinet and countertop choices.


Work in a workspace

Remember to fit in room for food preparations. You need a place to chop, dice, mince and slice, as well as adequate space to toss and sauté, wash and marinate.

While you’re at it – do you require a breakfast bar or study nook to the side of the kitchen for school or office work?


Cleaning ease

Any fittings or fixtures that are easy to clean are more than welcome in a Perth custom luxury home. While ornate and intricate designs will boast an expensive taste, are they a match for everyday kitchen use, spillages and mishaps?


Help from a professional Perth custom home designer and builder

Zen Living proudly design and build luxury custom homes in Perth.

We understand the need for homes to be personalised, a reflection of your life and a place and space where every little area, finish and detail makes absolute sense.


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