How to customise your new home design

Nov 17, 2021

If you want a home that is quickly built, but basic in design, there are plenty of Perth building companies who are be willing to assist.

However, if it’s a custom luxury home that you desire, with all the bespoke finishes and thoughtful design additions, another building company awaits you.

Looking to customise your new home design?

Read more from the Perth custom luxury builders at Zen Living, to see how we do it.


Custom built-in cabinetry

These days, people have a lot of ‘stuff,’ and with minimalism a much-loved interior design trend, it’s not in the best interest to have everything on display.

At Zen Living, we see a lot of our clients requesting custom built-in cabinetry, perfectly fitted to their space. When you choose this customisation, you get the freedom to choose what you display and what’s stored away behind cupboard doors.

Popular places to include custom built-in cabinetry include:

  • Living rooms or areas,
  • The study, and
  • Games room.


Wall and ceiling detailing

With wall detailing, you get to infuse your very own personal taste and aesthetic throughout your home. This feature goes a long way to create a custom look and feel.

Choose from the following:

  • Custom panelling
  • Plaster
  • Fresh and funky wallpaper
  • Unique paint colour for your feature wall(s).

In a similar realm, ceiling detailing enhances the custom feel of your home, too.


  • Boxed or solid beams
  • Tongue and groove panelling
  • Distinctive trim detailing.

Of course, there’s highlighting your custom home, and then there’s overdoing it.

Don’t worry though, our team of Perth home designers and builders will work with you to perfect your dream home’s design.


Lighting upgrades

Your home’s lighting can be so much more than a functional necessity.

In fact, there’s plenty to consider when either designing and constructing a new home build or undertaking renovations on your existing home.

What to consider:

  • Do you and your family prefer warmer tones of light or cooler?
  • Favour overhead lighting or indirect lighting?
  • What’s the consensus on pendant lighting, dimmer switches and smart lighting control systems?

You can really customise your home with lighting capabilities, accessories and the decorative elements chosen.


Update your bathrooms and kitchen

Looking to renovate your home to enhance its custom feel?

A very good place to start is with your bathroom(s). Trust us, it’s worth it!

If the layout already works in your favour, focus instead on updating the finishes.

These are your:

  • Bathroom lighting
  • Cabinetry and storage (installing new or replacing the old)
  • New bathroom sinks, basins and countertops
  • New plumbing fixtures
  • Laying new tiles.

Focus on fresh and cohesive to encourage a sense of Zen in your new bathroom.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and is so easy to make custom. Remember, in renovating your kitchen, put form and function capabilities at the forefront.


Whether you’re designing and building a custom home from scratch or turning your existing home into a custom luxury abode, Zen Living have all the services you need to make it happen.

Need a custom home design to make your dream home come true?

Contact Zen Living today and let’s work together to design your brand-new home.