How to create the perfect entertainer home

Aug 18, 2021

If you’re wanting to build a brand new home, or renovate your existing dwelling, and you’re known for entertaining – then you’re probably already planning your housewarming party.

But what if you could level up on your entertaining by paying close and careful attention to your new home’s design? It’s very possible and achievable with stunning final results. Your new home will simply be a party, gathering and festivity delight!

Looking to create the perfect entertainers home? Read more from the Perth custom home builders at Zen Living, to see how it’s done.

Bring forth the open layout

Open layouts ensure nobody misses out on the party – even when there’s no party involved.

If you’re an avid entertainer, you’ll appreciate how easy it is for guests to mix and mingle in a free-flow, open plan environment.

Why and how is this so?

  • People are more inclined to move around freely in a large, open space – talking to different people, too.
  • Most importantly (for some) is that food and drinks are never too far away if you design an open plan living and kitchen area that seamlessly blend into one another.

Naturally, don’t miss the must of an open plan layout in your quest to design and build the perfect entertainers home.

Create an effortless flow from the indoors to the outdoors

While open plan layouts are encouraged indoors, there’s another openness recommended when creating an entertainers home.

This is the faultless flow between indoors and outdoors – because who doesn’t want to capitalise on our almost year-round, gorgeous, sunny weather?

Why you should do this:

  • Most social gatherings have the tendency, as you would know, to spill from the indoors to the outdoors and vice versa.
  • Whether it’s a balmy summer sundowner with the great Aussie barbeque, or you’re having a slow Sunday morning (and a break from entertaining), this flow is well-appreciated.
  • Fresh air, more space and the opportunity to wow your guests with the openness in your home is all afforded to you when you embrace the indoor and outdoor combination in your new home.

Consider large windows and bi-fold doors to create a harmonious indoor-outdoor flow.

Create a warm and welcoming kitchen

For a truly entertainers dream – you simply cannot forego the importance of the kitchen design.

Have you paid attention to how and why partygoers gather, at one point or another, in the kitchen?

The kitchen has a lot of love, plenty of functionality and a natural, homely and enticing atmosphere.

How to create an entertainers kitchen:

  • Add plenty of bench space
  • A kitchen island with bar stools
  • Fit out with cooking appliances that include a large oven, dishwasher, big fridge and plenty of discreet cabinetry.

Don’t forget the scullery! They’re back in fashion and provide the perfect place to keep all the mess out of sight.

Zen Living are the custom luxury home builders in Perth who know how to design and build the perfect entertainers home.

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