How to maximise small blocks in 3 easy ways

Sep 30, 2021

Are you disheartened by the narrow, small or narrow and small blocks of land advertised?

Many people are choosing to subdivide their properties, resulting in these small and sometimes narrow blocks of land.

Any land size below 372m2 (the median lot size in Perth), and under 15m2 to be considered narrow.

However, don’t let this deter you. With the right home design, and builder to make it happen, you truly can live large on a small block.

Want to know you can successfully maximise your small block in 3 easy ways?

Read more from the Perth custom home designers and builders at Zen Living to find out.

Floorplans first and foremost

The first thing to do if you intend to or have already purchased a small block of land is to strategise your floorplan.

Working with a professional designer-builder is essential to making the most out of your land.

The custom, luxury home builders at Zen Living can guarantee a floorplan that will maximise each and every square metre, making a smaller space exude the same spaciousness of a larger home.

Here are some great pointers in your floorplan:

  • Open plan living to incorporate your kitchen, dining and living areas
  • Clever storage options to truly maximise your interior space
  • Consider allowing for multi-purpose rooms to allow for lifestyle changes.

It’s all about making what’s available, work for you.

Build up, not out

Adding a second storey to a proposed home is a smart way to add to your living spaces and room count. This way you can free up space for a front and/or backyard if that’s what’s important to you.

However, if you’re adamantly against building a second storey home, there’s other space-enhancing ways to capitalise on.

What are they?

  • High, raised ceilings
  • Skylights
  • Windows that go floor to ceiling
  • Sliding or bi-fold doors

Open plan living areas, including indoor-outdoor floorplans.

Choosing to build a double-storey home on a small block is a smart way to go, but smart single storey homes on small blocks rarely need to forego much, if anything at all.

Focus on your interior design and landscaping

Well, thought out interior design and landscaping planning and implementation is essential to maximised living and enjoyment on small blocks of land.

Remember, where possible to create a strong connection between the indoors and outdoors to expand your living and entertainment capacities.

Choose the right home designer and builder

The above 3 steps will ensure a home on a small lot is as maximised as can be.

Seeking the services of a professional home designer and builder in Perth is what you need to make all your home dreams come true.

Zen Living is a trusted team you can rely on for smooth service, attention to detail and communication across all levels and stages.

Looking to build a custom, luxury home in Perth?

Zen Living has the design team and builders you need to create a custom, luxury worth coming home to. Contact us today to start your exciting home design process.